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Hello Everyone,

           The April update is finally pushed! You can now trade rare and higher crate drops, use an update /listperms, and enjoy one of the three new crates. The Continuum Crate will give you a random item; it could be anything! Totems, dragon eggs, even dirt! You can buy it in /shop for $120 or get 6 to 8 from a Mystery Crate when you roll it. Next up is the Community Crate. Get permissions or get commands run that will affect more people on the server than just you by purchasing it in /shop for a premium. If you're lucky enough, you could even start the 2x mcMMO XP Event like we had over Easter! Lastly, the ??? Crate is hidden. You'll need to find it before you can buy it, but if by far has the best rare rewards of these new crates. Maybe you should explore spawn. But, if you're too lazy to explore for it, you can run your odds at /warp casino's bottom floor, where you can earn crates for playing! A list of all non-major changes for this update is listed in this changelog post here: [link].

         Now for the voting contest in May: the players with the top five vote counts in May will receive website points based on placement. Those five users will be able to use them on http://cratecraft.net/points and get any previous epic or legendary crate drops as well as the several new ones coming in May. The rewards for each placement are listed below:

1st Place: 4000 website points

2nd Place: 3250 website points

3rd Place: 2500 website points

4th Place: 2000 website points

5th Place: 1250 website points

All Places: A special tag in the server discord, if you're in it. Want to join? http://discord.gg/EyntasM


The CrateCraft Staff Team

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