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October Monthly & Weekly Voting Contest

September is the first month we have not had a voting contest, but in the announcement that there would be none, we assured that in October, not only would there be one, but we would have brand new rewards. We're not ready to reveal exactly what those are yet, but we can assure that it will not take away from previous rewards. As always, the top voters will receive points redeemable at http://cratecraft.net/points with 4000 for 1st, 3250 for 2nd, 2500 for 3rd, 2000 for 4th, and 1250 for 5th, however, an additonal reward will be given for each winner, as well.

In addition to a monthly reward, we've also started weekly top voter rewards. Though the reward is smaller, you'll be able to snag Universal Keys to redeem at /warp keys if you're the top voter for that week. In addition, we've also made Top Voters be rewarded automatically at the end of the month or week. No more waiting for your reward until we make an update post!

Updates & Clarifications

Though we haven't had a lot of new developments since mid-September, we do have some things to announce and some things to clarify. I'll start with the clarifications, as we seem to be getting a lot of questions about this: all plugins used for crate drops that were broken at the beginning of 1.13, barring Spells, are now fixed. Due to Spells taking much longer to update than anticipated, the MagiCrate has been removed from /shop, made unredeemable and unobtainable, and the permissions contained within it dropped from /drops & /listperms. This does not mean it's going away forever, as the developers have made a 1.13 version, it's just incompatible with 1.13.1. Once it is updated, both the MagiCrate and /drops will have the drops for it enabled again. It will not cause a reset of access to spells.

On the updates side, we have a small announcement: two voting-exclusive crates have been introduced. They give a buffed chance to unlock /god and /fly, respectively. You can purchase them with voting credits: /vote shop. There are some new cosmetic perks inside as well, including one very good one for building: Head Database. This will allow you to use custom curated heads for purposes such as decorations or signs. Two sets of heads have been released so far in these crates: access to differently themed heads with letters and punctuation, as well as one for miniature blocks. You'll notice some of them sitting around spawn, too!

Stay tuned for the middle of this month, as we're planning a major update to the server's content, including many suggestions from you all!

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