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By 『YEY』 - Posted Mar 13, 18

Hello Everyone,

          Almost one year after SkyrimCraft's closing, we've finally decided to repurpose and reopen a new server using the same website. Starting today and until March 23rd, we will be undergoing beta testing for the new server. Site and server functionality may be down until it's release date (Yes, the site will look nicer by then, too). You can join it at play.cratecraft.net, but note that until March 23rd, it may be frequently down for maintenance. Joining before the launch will grant you a special Beta Tester rank in-game, which will grant a few bonuses at the launch. Development updates on the server during the beta will be in our official discord here: http://discord.gg/EyntasM. We hope to see you there!

          For those wondering about the server's theme and contents: the server will not be based around a Skyrim theme, but you may notice many similar plugins being run. Towny, mcMMO, and MobArena are still all big players, but the biggest plugin is now our LootCrate plugin, hence the name. The gameplay loop of the server revolves around crates. You get some for free and can buy them for cheap in-game. They can grant you almost every permission that any paid rank could get. We've done a ton of work balancing them already and hope that by launch day the five planned to be available will work perfectly for any player's needs.


The CrateCraft Staff Team

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